Kayla's Custom Cleaning Grows to 28 Employees

Descending from a long line of cleaners and organizers, Kayla Storlid describes herself as genetically created to clean. With the help of the Wisconsin Small Business Development Center at UW-Madison, Storlid turned her aptitude for orderliness into a successful business. Kayla’s Custom Cleaning, LLC in Madison currently employs 28 people and has experienced 15 to 20 percent growth annually since launching in 2001.


Kayla Storlid, owner“I would absolutely contribute a large majority of my success to the SBDC.”

Kayla Storlid, owner of Kayla's Custom Cleaning


Storlid has attended numerous SBDC business courses and received business consulting that enabled her to start and grow her business. She also participates in the SBDC-facilitated Wisconsin PeerSpectives Network, a roundtable of business leaders that meets monthly to tap into the collective wisdom of their peers on topics such as finance, employee relations, legal compliance, marketing and more.


Two years ago, members of her Peerspectives group encouraged Storlid to focus on management and leave the cleaning to her staff. SBDC consultant Michelle Somes-Booher helped Storlid make the transition to full-time business management, resulting in significant sales growth.


Somes-Booher also helped Storlid identify unmet internal needs through a PROBE (PROmoting Business Excellence) strategic planning and performance benchmarking assessment. The PROBE process helped the Kayla’s Custom Cleaning team quickly identify opportunities to improve processes resulting in optimized efficiency and more profitable performance.


Kayla’s Custom Cleaning serves residential and commercial clients primarily in Dane County. Customization sets the business apart from its competitors. “We figure out where customers want to be as far as their level of detail and how much they want to spend. Then we come up with a custom plan that meets their budget,” explains Storlid.


Kayla's Custom Cleaning Group Staff


Going forward Storlid focuses on sustainability. “I would like the business to be running with or without me,” she says.


With solid business development plans and policies in place, Storlid expects to exceed her already impressive growth. “Our goal for this year is to reach a growth of 25% and still provide really great service. I think we can grow at that rate now. Prior to this year we didn’t have as many systems and policies in place. Those are there now.”


For more information on Kayla’s Custom Cleaning, check out kaylascustomcleaning.com


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