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Care4Me Clinics: A new model of health care

Kajal Malkan started Care4Me Clinics as a family medicine direct primary care clinic focused on affordable care. She wanted a chance to see patients and develop a relationship with them on her own terms. The clinic offers a low-cost monthly subscription for families and small businesses. Care4Me Clinics provides dedicated care for the patient without the worries of insurance claims and administrative paperwork. The emphasis is on transparent care with transparent pricing.


The biggest challenges Kajal sees are sustaining a small business in the COVID pandemic environment and public lack of understanding of the business. As COVID-19 continues, many people are putting preventative care on hold and deferring common acute concerns. While there are many people who comprehend her model and its benefits, there are still community members who are unaware. The clinic is hitting the same adoption curve that comes with anything new and innovative. But even in the face of these challenges, Care4Me has enjoyed plenty of successes as well.


The clinic was recently approved as a site to provide CPR certifications, which is a big accomplishment since now they can offer this additional service to assist the community as a whole. Kajal said, “Being able to assist with something that can literally save lives is a great success.”  

In addition, she has been working with Youth Cricket Wisconsin, a non-profit organization focused on building teamwork, discipline and leadership through the sport of cricket. Kajal said, “We are proud to sponsor their recent T-10 tournament. We support the team by providing player care (on and off the field) as needed during the tournament.”

The Waukesha County Center for Growth and Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Consultant Lucy Waldhuetter have contributed to the clinic’s success as well. “Lucy has been very supportive in our journey. She helped us network our business to the community as well as provided resources to help grow our practice. From marketing support and connecting us with legal partners to assisting specifically with the business side of things, we love working with Lucy and her team,” Kajal shared. As her business grows, so does her knowledge.


Kajal said she wish she knew when she started her entrepreneurship journey that carving a plan that leads to the end goal is just as important, or even more important, than the end goal itself. This is also true in terms of enjoyment for Kajal. She said, “The process of getting to the end goal gives me more satisfaction than the end goal itself. I will never forget my journey in creating Care4Me Clinics. I have been constantly learning new things in fields that I never expected. From setting up a legal structure and creating video blogs to physically setting up my clinic and recruiting, it is very exciting and memorable!”

Story courtesy of the Waukesha County Center for Growth.

“Lucy has been very supportive in our journey. She helped us network our business to the community as well as provided resources to help grow our practice.”
Kajal Malkan, MPAS PA-C
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