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Sheboygan Chiropractic: A healthier, happier community

At the clinic, Dr. Megan Osladil Walters offers a personal connection and a variety of chiropractic techniques to promote healing.

After 25 years in business, Sheboygan Chiropractic found its new owner in Dr. Megan Osladil Walters. Dr. Megan began seeing patients at the clinic in September 2018, and when the opportunity to purchase the practice arose, she knew the time was right to fulfill her long-term dream. The doctors are known by their first names in the clinic because they choose to connect on a more personal level with patients.

Changes and Growth

In just a few months since she took over ownership in January 2019, Dr. Megan has made big changes at the clinic. A new software system helps to keep electronic health records current and well organized, and the business has incorporated a new logo to have a modern look and feel. She hired another chiropractor, her husband, Dr. Blake Walters, to join the existing staff. The clinic also now offers increased consultation hours with patients.

The clinic uses rehabilitative therapy involving light, laser and ultrasound to reduce pain, decrease inflammation and promote healing. The practice also provides a variety of new as well as time-tested techniques to suit all patients, young and old. Each of the three doctors at the practice offers their own specialty. Dr. George Varish III was the previous owner of the clinic and has seen patients there for 25 years. He has been a valuable asset to Dr. Megan as he still works at the clinic, seeing patients and offering mentorship until his retirement.

Resources and Support

Dr. George is among many of the resources that Dr. Megan credits for her success. She said, “Fitting all the puzzle pieces together and learning on the go was challenging. However, with the right support and so many people believing in me such as chiropractic mentors, parents and Commerce State Bank as a financial lender, I was able to overcome those challenges.” Dr. Megan also worked with Ray York, a consultant at the Wisconsin Small Business Development Center (SBDC)/ Sheboygan County Economic Development Corporation, to plan the purchase of the business.

Dr. Megan spoke highly of the interaction, saying “I would recommend Ray to anyone looking to start a business or write a business plan. He helped me solidify the steps I needed to execute my plan.” The pair first met during an Entrepreneurial Training Program (ETP) offered by the SBDC. “The ETP class was very beneficial in helping organize my thoughts into an action plan. They taught methods to analyze and prepare for specific actions.”

Ray enjoyed the partnership as well, commenting, “It was great to work with her and witness her progression in her business writing.” In addition to the business plan and succession plan, Ray assisted Dr. Megan with market research and financial projections. He also commended her continual progress. “She’s moving forward with her aspiration of educating and empowering people to improve their lives.”

I would recommend Ray to anyone looking to start a business or write a business plan. He helped me solidify the steps I needed to execute my plan.
Dr. Megan Osladil Walters
Sheboygan Chiropractic
  • Business plan
  • Succession plan
  • Market research
  • Financial projections
Patients and Community

The clinic has a holistic mission to “create a healthier and happier community.” Dr. Megan observed that when people suffer physical pain, it often leads to sadness or depression and the inability to function optimally in other areas of life. She helps to relieve that physical pain so people can be their best selves and bring their best to the world around them.

Tara Carr, Director of the UW-Green Bay SBDC, agrees that Dr. Megan and the clinic are improving the community in other ways as well. Tara said, “Young professionals and women-owned businesses like Dr. Megan’s play a vital role in the economy by building a thriving business community in the Sheboygan area.”

When talking about the future, Dr. Megan’s enthusiasm is apparent. “I am loving every day! My goal is to continue to grow the business. There are still so many more people in need and so many more people we can help!”