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QuickBooksTM Online

QuickBooks is an outstanding management tool for small business owners but it can be confusing without the proper introduction or training. This workshop helps you learn and understand exactly what the online version of QuickBooks has to offer. 
This program helps you:
• Compare Quickbooks Desktop to Quickbooks Online (QBO)
• Navigate and obtain a general overview of QBO
• Review income, invoices and deposits, bills and expenses
• Reconcile your bank and credit cards, credit card options
• Connect your online bank account
• Discuss different business types- tips, tricks, how to set up QBO for your business (i.e. Inventory based, Contractors, Real Estate, Farming, Restaurants)          
• Discuss QBO pricing and levels, discounts for you          
• Find QBO training online            


Fee includes materials and parking. Session runs from 8:30 a.m.-12 noon.  To register for the workshop, click here, specify Topic: Business Accounting and Budget, Time Range: One Year, and click Search.  Then click on the Register button next to the program name.  You can also register by calling our office at 608.785.8783. 

Fee: $69


QuickBooks Series

This series uses the desktop version of QuickBooks.  Registration fee is $69 each. Fee includes materials and parking. These are half-day sessions.  To check upcoming workshop dates or register for workshops, go to the Calendar of Events and specify Topic: Business Accounting and Budget, Time Range: One Year and click Search. You can also call our office at 608.785.8783 or send us a message.    


QuickBooks Essentials

In this program you will learn QuickBooks basic features. Topics include:


  • Entering transactions
  • Producing invoices and checks
  • Setting up vendors, customers, jobs and items
  • Reconciling bank and credit card statements
  • Producing financial statements

This program is best suited for people who want to start using QuickBooks or have recently started using QuickBooks.


QuickBooks Payroll

In this program you will learn how to utilize QuickBooks for processing your payroll. 


Topics include:


  • Basic payroll concepts 
  • Setting up wage & PTO items 
  • Setting up employees 
  • Setting up payroll taxes and garnishments 
  • Setting up pre-tax deductions 
  • Processing payroll and liability payments 
  • Direct deposit options 
  • Quarterly and annual reporting 


QuickBooks Advanced

To get the most out of an accounting software package, you need to customize it for your business. In this half-day session you will learn to customize QuickBooks forms and reports to fit your unique business needs. You will also learn how to enter estimates and produce progress invoices and track time and materials. Topics include:

  • Customizing financial statements, reports and invoices 
  • Estimates and progress invoicing 
  • Tracking time and materials 
  • Memorizing transactions