UW-Whitewater Workshops

First Steps Online

The First Steps to Starting a Business class is available online!


Class Features


  • Easy to follow slide presentations covering the basics of business start-ups.
  • Videos featuring the SBDC director talking about key issues for starting a business.
  • Additional handouts, links to useful websites and self-evaluation tools.
  • An online discussion group to allow you to interact with instructors and others taking the class.
  • Accessible from your home, office or the public library via the internet.


Benefits of Taking "First Steps Online"

First Steps Online is a must-take class for people thinking about starting a business and those who are new to business ownership. Participants are guided through the process of evaluating their business ideas and their preparedness for becoming entrepreneurs. Those who complete First Step Online gain valuable information about what is involved in starting and operating a small business.


First Steps Online Contents


  • Characteristics of successful entrepreneurs.
  • Experience and education needed to succeed at running a business.
  • What makes a good business idea.
  • The importance of accurately describing target customers.
  • Costs to consider when starting a business.
  • Options for funding a new business.
  • Wisconsin Business Services guide.
  • The importance of writing a business plan.

This class is FREE and open to residents of the following Wisconsin counties: Dodge, Jefferson, Rock, Walworth and Waukesha.


Call 262-472-3217 or e-mail ask-sbdc@uww.edu to register.