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Business Planning

Private, commercial resources have been included in this index when the website appears to provide free information of value. The SBDC does not endorse or expressly recommend any commercial for-profit companies to our clients. We recommend that clients employ wise consumer practices when selecting a product or service for purchase.


Business plan site - guide to writing them and information and answers for possible questions

This website gives users the reasons for writing a business plan, how to structure it and what objectives a user should have for their business plan. The site also talks about how to specifically attract equity investors with the business plan, which is necessary when looking for outside funding sources.


SCORE Free Online Quick Start Business Plan Workshop

This workshop features an interactive form-fill workshop that includes financial worksheets and a market research questionnaire. After completing the workshop, you have a business plan basic draft that you can continue to develop. 


Sample Business Plans

This website allows users to browse through sample business plans for a variety of businesses and industries.


500+ Sample Business Plans created with Business Plan Pro 

Features articles about business planning. Designed to sell their software product, but contains useful free informaiton.


About.com Small Business Information; Business Plan FAQ 

Common business plan questions with brief answers.


About.com: Business Plans 

Information on creating business plans including what they contain, how they're used, how often to ypdate them and why your business needs one.


About.com: common business planning mistakes 

Explains the most common mistakes made when writing a business plan and how to avoid them.


About.com: main business plan page 

Overview of sections of a business plan (Executive Summary, Industry, Market Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Marketing Plan, Operating Plan, Financial Plan).


BizPlanit: Your Roadmap to the Capital Markets 

BizPlanIt is a professional business plan consulting firm that helps companies develop investor-grade business plans to move down the road towards a successful capital or strategic transaction. In addition to their fee-based services, they have a page of free business planning resources including a Virtual Business Plan, Free Business Plan Newsletter, recommendations of the best business planning books and software as well as useful plan links.


BulletProof Business Plans Free Smaple Business Plan 

A public service from BulletProof Business Plans providing a series of Web pages to assist visitors in furthering their entrepreneurial pursuits.


Free Management Library 

An article about things to consider before starting your business.


How to Write a Business Plan by Entrepreneur Media 

An extensive how-to guide including a start-up cost calculator.


How to Write a Business Plan and Keep it Updated 

A closer look at what is in business plans.


Management Help.org Business Planning 

Covers reasons for business planning, typical contents on a business plan, basic introduction, preparation for planning a business venture and general resources.


PaloAltoSoftware Sample Business Plans 

60 sample business plans created using Business Plan Pro software.


Pitch then Plan 

Business plan development Web site. Free resource to develop a Power Point pitch, business plan narrative and 20+ pages of financial documents to support the plan.


The Entrepreneurs' Help Page 

Contains many articles on general business, business strategy, legal issues, marketing, PR and building your office.


U.S. SBA Small Business Planner

Careful planning is fundamental to success. The Small Business Planner includes information and resources that will help you at any stage of the business lifecycle.