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Private, commercial resources have been included in this index when the website appears to provide free information of value. The SBDC does not endorse or expressly recommend any commercial for-profit companies to our clients. We recommend that clients employ wise consumer practices when selecting a product or service for purchase.


Spotting sweet-sounding promises of fraudulent invention promotion firms

This article is directed more towards inventors with ideas they need help bringing to market and they look for places who can sell ideas, which sometimes are not liable and trustworthy sources. This article also states the protections an inventor has through the Americans Inventors Protection Act of 1999.


Ask the Inventors 

This site, created by two successful inventors, offers answers to the most common invention questions, resources to help inventors get started, advice on how to bring an invention to market, and inventing news.


United Inventors Association 

Since 1990, the UIA is the national 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to inventor education and support. Our Mission is to provide reliable information to inventors, as well as Certification to groups and inventor-friendly firms who agree to comply with rigorous professional and ethical standards.