UW-Whitewater General Resources

General Resources

Private, commercial resources have been included in this index when the website appears to provide free information of value. The SBDC does not endorse or expressly recommend any commercial for-profit companies to our clients. We recommend that clients employ wise consumer practices when selecting a product or service for purchase.



Wisconsin Entrepreneurs' Toolkit

The Entrepreneur’s Toolkit provides business start-up information and assistance, networking contacts and technical resources. The information caters to individuals interested in starting any type of business including retail, service or technology companies.




"Business news and strategy for entrepreneurs."

Forbes online

"Information for the world's business leaders."

Magazine for the Chief Executive Officer

This website is targeted towards the Chief Executive Officer of the business. This website offers the CEO of a business for solutions in leadership and strategy, business expansion, wealth management and corporate finance. It also links to articles on various topics that may be especially pertinent to CEOs of a business.


Government Resources

Association of Small Business Development Centers (ASBDC)

Represents America's Small Business Development Center network - the most comprehensive small business assistance network in the United States and its territories.

Business USA

BusinessUSA implements a "no wrong door" approach for small businesses and exporters by using technology to quickly connect businesses to the services and information relevant to them, regardless of where the information is located or which agency's website, call center, or office they go to for help.

SBA Guide to Wisconsin Resources

A PDF document covering "Getting Started in Wisconsin," "Financing Your Business," and "Ideas for Growing Businesses."

SBA Local Resources

Links to resources for small business owners in Wisconsin on the U.S. Small Business Administration Web site.

State of Wisconsin Business Services

Links to state agencies, resources, programs and information helpful to people interested in doing business in Wisconsin.

U.S. Small Business Administration, Your Small Business Resource

Programs and services to help you start, grow and succeed.

U.S. Small Business Administration YouTube Channel

Wisconsin Business Wizard

Determine licensing, permitting and regulatory requirements, obtain necessary application forms, identify available state resources and access other valuable business-related information.

Wisconsin Innovation Service Center

Helping existing and aspiring entrepreneurs to make profitable new product and market development decisions.

How US General Services Administration helps small businesses

This is a website for the U.S. General Services Administration, which has a Small Business Utilization office that helps businesses by answering their various questions. The SBU consults businesses over the phone and also in person who are going through the federal procurement process.

Principles of entrepreneurship

This website offers a publication titled Principles of Entrepreneurship, which give 21 one-page chapters which discuss the essentials of business – from building it and starting it, to the different planning stages and marketing it, and beyond that. The publication gives entrepreneurs a step-by-step guide through starting and planning their business, as well into more depth with entries for new ventures, selling online, and intellectual property chapters, among others.

Presidential summit on entrepreneurship

This website gives an overview of the 2009 announcement of an entrepreneurial summit to be held in Washington D.C. by President Obama. This summit is projected to bring together individuals from over 50 countries around the world and is hoped to bring people together to talk about education and innovation, as the President believes those will be the most important things in the 21st century. The summit is also hoped to identify various ways of advancing both economic and social entrepreneurship and to build various networks for entrepreneurship and to advance entrepreneurship.




This PDF is produced by the Better Business Bureau with a goal of giving its readers guidelines to help business' protect their customers' security and privacy from identity theft and fraud. This PDF gives information on what small businesses can do to protect their customers and to protect their businesses.

e-Business Resources

This website gives information regarding e-business and what those businesses need to think about regarding security, customer relationship management systems, and useful external communication issues.