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Private, commercial resources have been included in this index when the website appears to provide free information of value. The SBDC does not endorse or expressly recommend any commercial for-profit companies to our clients. We recommend that clients employ wise consumer practices when selecting a product or service for purchase.


General Business Law

askthelawyers.com: Your online source for local legal help 


AskTheLawyers.com provides access to attorneys in your area who are available for an initial online or telephone consultation for no charge. Also features online articles on many relevant topics.


BitLaw: Contracts and forms index 

The Forms & Agreements portion of BitLaw provides access to forms and example contracts relating to intellectual property and the Internet.


Nolo: Law Books, Legal Forms and Legal Software 

Includes a section called Nolopedia that features fee legal information for businesses.


Wisconsin State Law Library Business Law 

A searchable index of business law topics.


Employment Law

Employment Labor law assistance - Department of Labor


Department of Labor

This website covers all areas of employment ranging from compliance, disability resources, unemployment, employee issues, and a variety of other topics for employers. The site also has links for its different agencies that cover specific topics. This website also has employment law guides regarding minor workers and safety


Employment laws guide


Compliance assistance - Department of Labor


Drug Free Workplace 

This website offers sample policies for employers to put into their employee handbooks about having a drug free workplace. The sample policy walks the employer through writing the policy and what exactly needs to be put into the policy.


Intellectual Property Law

US Patent and Trademark Office

This U.S. agency deals with patents and trademarks. It also assists with Intellectual Property law and policies. The website gives users the process for both patents and trademarks and what needs to be done and how. It also gives information on IP law and policies to help inventors protect themselves.


Google's patent search

Users can search over 7 million patents on Google.


Copyright Office

This website is the U.S. Copyright Office and gives all the necessary information regarding copyrights. It walks users through what a copyright is, how to register their work, laws and policies regarding copyrights, and other related links that may assist them.


International Trade Administration

The International Trade Administration works to help promote fair trade and investment. It has four different sections. The ITA's website gives information on trade and tariffs, importing and exporting, as well as compliance and policies governing trade. They also provide different services and different data analysis that can be done for users.


Trade Show News Network

This website has information on various trade shows and exhibits in different events. It is a database that has information on all trade show events.


U.S. Trade Representative

This website gives the different trade agreements, what different countries are doing, and different trade topics.


Importing and exporting information from the SBA

This website is provided by the SBA and gives a lot of valuable information on importing and exporting. It provides more information on different trade agreements and the basics of importing and exporting.