WISC Research

WISC conducts qualitative market research studies for inventors, new product developers, and business-to-business companies nationwide. 


Qualitative research is based on opinions, attitudes, beliefs and intentions. This kind of research deals with questions such as "Why?", "Would?", or "How?" It aims to understand why customers behave in a certain way or how they may respond to a new product. Click here to learn more about qualitative versus quantitative research


By working with WISC, inventors and innovative companies can learn about the market need for their product idea and receive help screening potential licensing partners.

B2B companies can discover the best opportunities for profitable growth and learn more about customer preferences. 


WISC Research Services

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New Product Assessments - for inventors and innovative companies

Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of new products at an early stage saves time and money and enables you to focus on products that are likely to succeed. The best time to find out that a product idea is likely to fail is early in the process, before too much time and money have been invested. For products with promise, having an objective, third-party evaluation may result in stronger investor interest. The New Product Assessment looks at market need, trends and competition that would affect the likelihood of product success. When applicable, an expert opinion on any obvious technical feasibility issues will also be obtained.

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Market Assessments

WISC helps business-to-business (B2B) companies discover key success drivers for the new geographic location or market segment your company wants to target. Through WISC company interviews, you will learn what matters most to potential customers, which companies are seen as market leaders, and what it would take for your company to compete. Gain access to first-hand information that will help you measure your competitiveness, create a positioning strategy, determine market accessibility, estimate growth potential, and gain feedback on new product design options. 

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Customer Diversification Assessments

Want to diversify your customer base by identifying markets that would be a good fit for your company's capabilities? During a CDA research project, WISC researchers will compile lists of companies within target industries and conduct interviews with up to 15 companies to determine key drivers of supplier selection, compeititive landscape and best opportunities for successful market expansion. Industry trends are presented with the interview results. Deliverables include a custom prospect list of companies by market sector with contact information.

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Customer Assessments

Work with WISC to create, implement and interpret customer and buyer surveys to fine-tune your marketing strategy. Research scope and method will be customized to fit your goals. WISC can conduct phone interviews with a sample of your current customers or contact representatives from potential customer companies. WISC can help you develop surveys that you manage, distribute and analyze, or we can manage the surveys and provide recommendations based on our analysis of the research results. Creating online marketing content? Knowing your customer is the first step to an effective campaign. 

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Licensing/Strategic Partner Search

Partnering can be the key to profitable market or product development. WISC identifies companies that would be a good fit for your intellectual property and contacts them. WISC conducts interviews with participating companies to determine their licensing practices and policies as well as their level of new product development experience. You benefit from a pre-screening of potential licensing partners, saving you time as you approach only those that offer the potential for success.

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To request more information, please email innovate@uww.edu.