WISC Customer Assessments Research

Craft Your Market Strategy With a Customer Assessment


Work with WISC to create, implement and interpret "voice of the customer" surveys to fine-tune your market strategy. Customer surveys can range from in-depth phone interviews with current customers to brief interviews with potential customers.

Customer assessments enable you to:
  • Refine product and service mixes to better meet customer needs
  • Recognize emerging profit opportunities
  • Understand your company's position relative to competitors from the customer's perspective
  • Pinpoint strategies for drawing customers away from competitors
In customer assessments, WISC:
  • Works with you to develop a project scope. Together we'll establish criteria on the number of companies, type of customer (for new customers), NAICS codes, and/or geographic area to analyze
  • Performs a search of several databases, buyers guides, trade association directories, and other resources (electronic and hard copy) to help identify potential customers, if needed
  • Works with you to develop a customer survey targeting your interests, then contact companies to seek phone interviews (15 typically)
  • Summarizes survey results in written and matrix form with conclusions to help you make profitable market strategy decisions moving forward

Customer Assessments can be customized to expand the number of customers involved, the methodology, and/or the level of analysis. The cost for a typical Customer Assessment is  $3,300, but it may be more or less depending on the scope of project. 


Contact WISC today at 262-472-1365 or innovate@uww.edu to learn more about Customer Assessments.