WISC Customer Diversification Assessment Research

A Market Expansion Could Be In the Future for Your Business


Want to diversify your customer base by identifying markets that would be a good fit for your company's capabilities? During a CDA research project, WISC researchers will compile lists of companies within target industries and conduct interviews with up to 15 representatives to determine key success drivers. Customized surveys inquire about criteria for supplier selection, customer preferences, and compeittive landscape. By understanding market trends, WISC research helps you pursue the best opportunities for successful market expansion. Deliverables include a custom prospect list of companies by market sector with contact information.


Find new customers through top-notch market research. Your business can survive and grow by reaching new customers through a market expansion.


A Customer Diversification Assessment can help you to:

  • Replace lost business
  • Diversify across industries
  • Reduce vulnerability to market downturns
  • Focus on the best market segments for your company
  • Find and reach new customers in new markets


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The Wisconsin Innovation Service Center (WISC) brings 30 years of expertise and internationally recognized quality to every project. WISC develops and implements customized research plans to fit the specific strengths and needs of each company.

As part of a Customer Diversification Assessment project, WISC researchers will conduct interviews with a sample of target customers and access premier information sources to complete the following:

  • Discovery of market sectors with greatest growth potential
  • Analysis and summary of trends in the targeted markets
  • Identification of potential new customers
  • Determination of key drivers of purchase and supplier decisions
  • Presentation of a custom prospect list including contact information

A typical CDA costs $3,300. That may vary depending on the project specifics.

Projects are usually completed within 45 to 60 business days (9 to 12 weeks).

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Contact WISC today at 262-472-1365 or innovate@uww.edu to learn more about Customer Diversification Assessments.