Market Assessments

Craft a better market strategy based on in-depth research


Discover key success drivers for the new geographic location or market segment your company wants to target. Determine who the current players are, who dominates the market, and whether there is room for your company to compete. Understand the competitive landscape with key information including pricing strategies and identities of lead customers.


With a market assessment, you get the information you need to:

  • Measure competitiveness
  • Create a positioning strategy
  • Determine market accessibility
  • Estimate growth potential
Pricing is quoted based on the scope of the research. Typically, WISC market assessments cost around $3,300. WISC is a non-profit outreach program of UW-Extension and UW-Whitewater. Fees support program operations.
To learn more about what a WISC market assessment could do for your company, please contact or call (262) 472-1365.