WISC Manufacturing Extension Resources

WISC serves MEP centers in need of market research


MEP Centers must meet multiple demands from manufacturing clients, but cannot possibly keep all the needed expertise on staff.

That is where the Wisconsin Innovation Service Center can help. For very affordable fees, WISC provides companies with information for improved product and market development decisions. WISC serves MEPs in South Carolina, Chicago, Ohio, Kansas, New York, Indiana, Florida, and California, and many more.

Why should your MEP use WISC?


Because we can:

  • Offer a highly-valued, complementary service that helps clients make informed new product and market development decisions
  • Act as a cost-effective subcontractor, supporting your program revenue goals
  • Encourage product and market development activities, an area with high potential for significant economic impact

To start working with the Wisconsin Innovation Service Center, click here to see our Product List.