UW-Eau Claire First Steps

First Steps to Starting a Business


Thinking about going into business?

Attend a First Steps workshop at a location near you or participate online. 


During First Steps you will explore your business idea and assess your business readiness.


  • Identify your own strengths and weaknesses as a business owner.
  • Learn how to determine the potential for your business.
  • Discover what information you need and where to find it.

This is an interactive workshop with hands-on exercises and lots of resources.


This program is designed for people who have not yet started a business.


You will learn how to answer these questions:

  • Do you have the right personality, skills and life situation to start and manage a business?
  • Do you have a good business idea that will meet a customer need and make a profit?
  • How realistic is your business concept?
  • What kind of investment will you need to launch your business?
  • What steps do you need to take to get started?