Finance Your Business

If you’re looking to start or grow your business, you’re going to need financing. Wisconsin SBDC and our financial partners are here to help you receive that funding to continue your dream entrepreneurial experience.

Fund Your Dreams

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Get Informed, Be Ready

Committing to starting or growing your small business will take serious commitment. Ensure that you are informed before making a life and business altering decision. Becoming financially business literate will help you to make those decisions and SBDC consultants are here to aid in that evaluation and education.

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Understanding Your Options

A crucial step in startup or growth is to understand the funding options that are available to you. You must understand your business model, financial situation, capital needs and which sources are a match. SBDC is here to help you find that match.

Evaluate your Business Plan

It is necessary to have a comprehensive business plan to make sure your business is on track. Before entering growth, it is necessary to revisit this business plan to evaluate goals and adjust them according to proposed changes. Our network gives you access to resources to enhance your business plan.

Entrepreneurial Training Program

ETP provides the tools you need for business idea testing and business model improvement through an 8-10 week intensive course. Clients test ideas to appeal to customers and learn how to use time and money more efficiently, an invaluable opportunity when contemplating launch and growth.
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Fund Your Startup or Growth

Once you understand the financial commitments needed to start or grow your business, you must determine where the financing will be used during your business development. Determining the overhead of your process, deciding how to acquire the necessary components of your business and how you will manage cash flow are all processes SBDC consultants are qualified to help you with.

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Buying Inventory & Basics

Startup and growth often come with unpredictable challenges and opportunities. Your business must develop a dependable supply chain to cover inventory and basic expenses. Wisconsin SBDC is here to aid in that process development and management.

Capital Expenditures

To build or buy the components necessary for your small business is one of the most important decisions you will make in the first steps of starting or growing. SBDC consultants will help weigh the pros and cons, while providing necessary resources to support that decision.


Consistent, proper management of cash flow is integral in business startup or expansion. Predicting short and long term cash flow allows business owners to properly plan for any opportunities or challenges that may come along during change. SBDC provides the tools and support to secure your small business amid development.

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Not sure where to start? Watch our Entrepreneurial How-To Video Series on Lending and Accounting. And reach out anytime for no-cost consulting.

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Your job isn’t over after a launch and neither is ours. SBDC is here to help you with any opportunities along the way through our statewide network of experienced business consultants and partners.
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