Go Global Initiative

Go Global Initiative

96 percent of the world population is consuming products outside the US.  International trade is no longer a luxury. It is a necessity for businesses looking to grow. Our Import and Export Regulatory Compliant consultants are available, at no cost, to help you reach new markets – even when you don’t know where to begin.

Grow Your Revenue
Increase your bottom line
Expand your margin
Diversify your target market
Mitigate geopolitical risk

International Trade Assistance

We can help your business with:

  • Import and export documentation: Documentation is an integral process for trading. Close attention to detail is important as requirements vary considerably by country, commodity and situation.
  • Shipping logistics and distribution: Choosing the best processes for trade is integral to running a successfully trading operation. We can help you customize your process — carrier and mode selection, compliance, payment regulations and any required specializations.
  • Trade grants: Every Wisconsin business is eligible for an annual grant up to $25,000 to spend on entering or expanding new markets.
  • Market intelligence and trade data: With access to data in 80+ countries, we can help determine which route is right for you. 
  • eCommerce platforms: Selling online is crucial but needs even more attention to detail when working across borders.


The Wisconsin SBDC Network collaborates with the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) and its global network of 82 countries to: 

  • Bring your products to new markets.
  • Allow your company to grow faster.
  • Spread risk across the economy.
  • Be that first mover or keep up with your competition.
  • “Level out your business” for any seasonal challenges.

Specifically, Wisconsin ExporTech™ is a proven export strategy development program designed to speed a company’s ‘go to market’ timeline: 

of all U.S. ExportTech™ training completed in Wisconsin
Average sales increase by Wisconsin ExportTech™ graduates
“Best in the Nation”
Wisconsin ExportTech™

Export Development Grant Program

Additional opportunity for some: In southeast Wisconsin, Milwaukee 7 offers an Export Development Grant Program to help manufacturers, firms selling a proprietary product line and service-based companies grow in international trade. The Export Development Grant Program will award matching funds of up to $5,000 to new and existing exporters.

Get Started Today

The Wisconsin SBDC has international trade certified business consultants serving our state:

Chad Hoffman

International Trade Consultant,
serving Wisconsin statewide
NASBITE Certified Global Business Professional

Call (608) 301-6215

Mark Speirs

UW-Stevens Point SBDC,
serving northcentral Wisconsin
SBA Intermediate Certification

Call (715) 346-4609 

James McPhaul

UW-Parkside SBDC,
serving southeast Wisconsin 
SBA Intermediate Certification

Call (262) 595-3363