Launch and manage your successful company through no-cost confidential consulting and business education to assist with startup planning, financing, sales/marketing, new products/services/markets, financial management and operations:

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Getting off the ground or expanding your reach – we’re here to help!

Get financing for your new or growing business

Trying to find people who believe in your idea as much as you do can be difficult, especially when it comes to finding funding. Our resources can help you secure that initial funding and aid in expansion.

Launch a new business

Your idea is feasible, now what? Time to launch your business! Let the Entrepreneurial Training Program and other resources guide you.

Grow your existing business

A well-funded established business’ next steps are maintenance and often growth. Take advantage of cybersecurity and business management programs.

Determine if your business idea is feasible

Do you have a business idea? Want to find out if it’s worth your investment? SBDC can help you determine if that idea is commercially feasible in your market and how to get started!

Resources for business owners & entrepreneurs:

Business AnswerLine

The Wisconsin Business AnswerLine helps established, new and aspiring business owners at NO Cost! AnswerLine staff draw from extensive curated resources to provide timely answers to your business questions.

Courses for business owners

Attend courses in your area to gain those skills necessary to start and expand your business. With thirteen centers and numerous partners you can find a local course to help.

Online learning opportunities

Too busy to travel for a course not in your area? Check out a wide range of online opportunities to help master the skills of a successful entrepreneur.

We can’t do it alone.

Our thirteen SBDC centers across the state staffed with business experts could not do their jobs without strategic partners, from economic development organizations to UW campus host sites to organizations across the entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

These partnerships aren’t just statewide, they are regional, local and always willing to help out entrepreneurs and business owners. Find out more about our dynamic partnerships and how they may be able to help you.

Other Resources

Wisconsin SBDC is part of the UW System Institute for Business & Entrepreneurship, which offers a wide range of programs and services for entrepreneurs and business owners. Explore the range of options available, as offered by their other unique program units.
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