Export Pro Series Library

Sophisticated exporters take full advantage of the many local, state and federal trade resources and programs. However, the vast majority of US exporters only export to 1 or 2 international markets and many more companies who have an exportable product, service or technology do not export at all.  The Wisconsin SBDC Network’s Go Global Initiative is available to any Wisconsin company to provide guidance on the multitude of trade resources and programs to help you become an Export Pro.

Webinar 2 –Global Business Opportunities Abound for Wisconsin Companies, featuring WEDC

Catch the second webinar of the Export Pro Series to find out more about the export opportunities for Wisconsin businesses.

See how the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) and our partners can help you incorporate exports into your overall strategy for growth.

Webinar 1 – Market Identification, Prioritization and Research Programs

Watch the inaugural Export Pro Series webinar for information on how to determine and leverage your markets. Find out why this is necessary to develop or expand YOUR export strategy.

Go Global with Your Business

Connect to Wisconsin SBDC Go Global Initiative’s international trade certified consultants to find out how you can Go Global with your Wisconsin business and stay up-to date on the Export Pro Series.
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