E-Commerce Academy Closes (for now!)

grow your online sales -- e-commerce academy image

The E-Commerce Academy, which was rolled out in 2021 to help support small business owners who want a proven path to building sales online, has wrapped up its 2022 cohort.

The fifth cohort concluded on September 28. These cohorts served 79 businesses across the entire state of Wisconsin.

“What truly makes the E-Commerce Academy unique is that no matter where in Wisconsin the business was located, or what type of industry, they all were able to learn and benefit from this course in a way that made them more competitive online,” said Katherine Fossler, director of the SBDC at UW River Falls. “That was the goal all along!”, she added.

“Our local businesses add so much value to our lives, and this program allows them to share their talent more broadly and to build strong relationships with their customers,” said Bon Wikenheiser, state SBDC director. “We are inspired by the tenacity and creativity they mustered to adapt to ever-changing economic realities.”

Hear from the latest cohort about the Academy:

  • “This class gave me a new outlook into the E Commerce space. I really feel I have tools to be more successful now, and can create a more competitive business.”
  • “I thought this class was a 5 (out of 5), I received so much great information from this course. I will use this information now and keep it as a reference in the future. I also have met and networked with a lot of great people, and the sky is the limit on the potential opportunity with my peers!”
  • “I really enjoyed the class and learned an incredible amount of invaluable information.”

The SBDC at UW-River Falls hopes to offer this invaluable service once a semester in 2023 – email their office to be added to a waiting list.