Farm Business Initiative

Building profitable farm businesses in partnership with the Food Finance Institute.

Our Farm-based Business Initiative’s mission is to provide consultants and farm entrepreneurs the tools, resources, and training they need to build profitable and financially resilient farm-based businesses.

There are four components that support this work:
1) Creating a pool of specially trained Farm-focused consultants,
2) Developing a farm-focused boot camp for entrepreneurs,
3) Engaging stakeholders in a webinar on the opportunity within farm-based businesses, and
4) Providing one-on-one technical assistance to farm-based businesses.

Build your farm business

Technical Assistance and Consulting

Are you a farm looking to scale up and/or diversify your operations and expand sales? From growing your direct-to-consumer markets, helping you better connect with wholesale buyers, to leveraging your farm through on-farm events or agri-tourism we are here for you. We would love to schedule a call with you to learn how we can best support your business!

Farm Business Boot Camp

Boot Camp is here to help you avoid distractions when starting or growing your farm business. This intense training is meant to keep you prepared through your journey in an ever-changing farm business landscape. Boot Camps are limited to 10 businesses and include 4 intensive days of training that includes targeted 1:1 support.

If you are interested in attending or hosting a farm-focused boot camp contact us!

Farm-focused Consultant Training

FFI has trained a small, core group of specialized farm-focused consultants who can help farms navigate not only the market and their business model but also the more nuanced financial details of a farm income statement and balance sheet. We piloted our first farm-focused consultant training in the summer of 2020.

We can bring this training to your organization! If you are interested in being considered for a future training, please contact us.

Edible-Alpha® Podcast

The Edible-Alpha® podcast is your source for actionable insights into making money in food. Hosted by the Food Finance Institute, we talk to a wide range of stakeholders about what it really takes to grow a successful food or farm business.
Listen to the Podcast

Food Business Initiative

Building profitable food businesses in partnership with the Food Finance Institute.
Food Business Initiative

Farm-based business

Farm-based businesses represent value-added farm producers who sell their goods direct to consumer (farmer’s markets, Community Supported Agriculture businesses (CSAs) or to intermediate buyers (retailers, restaurants, etc.) across multiple categories (produce, meat, cheese, etc.) or leverage their farm through on-farm events or agri-tourism (pizza farms, weddings on the farm, etc.).